The Ultimate Brand Ambassador: Santa Claus

What Is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is an individual who is hired by or simply represent a company and their brand in a positive light.

With consumer scepticism is growing about advertising. Trust in ads is eroding. Having a great brand ambassador is a powerful and versatile tool to raise your company or product awareness.

Bottom line - Brand Ambassadors Build Trust

Popular ways that Santa has been used as a Brand Ambassador:

1. Santa in TV and print advertisemants.

2. Interacting with consumers face to face (e.g. greeting people at the door, being Emcee, or overseeing a section of an event, etc.)

3. A strolling Santa can wander through your store or shopping areas. Interacting with Guests. Selfies with Santa is popular all year long.

4, Giving away free swag at events, & high foot traffic areas.

These are just a few.

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