Tales from the North Pole Visit:

This is an interactive visit where Santa will share Secrets and Tales from the North Pole with children. The lengith of this visit can be ajusted to the needs of the event.

Most of these are unique stories not found in any Christamas story book.

Examples of the tales that may be told may include::

How reindeer fly.

How Rudolph got his red nose.

How each reindeer got his or her name.

The Importance of fairy dust.

The white feather story.

The night it rained toys.

Why are there bells on Sants's sleigh.

And many more...

After story time Sanata can pose for pictures with the children and review their Christmas lists.

This is a perfect opportunity for individual or group photos, or if you like, Santa can hand out presents.

Santa is especially good with children who are unfamiliar with the big man in the red suit.  If your child has had a bad experience with one of Santa's helpers at the mall, please allow this Santa a chance to give your child an enjoyable and memorable experience.  

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