Sanford Santa Testimonials

Kristin Green-Vogt - Sanford, Florida ( be sure to turn the sound on for video)

Kristin Green-Vogt - Sanford, Florida ( be sure to turn the sound on for video)

Visit From Santa video

Danielle Ahrens - From Gig Review

I would highly recommend for any special occasion!!!!!! Santa was perfect!! This experience was one my family will never forget! From the entrance to the stories the interaction everything was amazing!! 5 Stars!!!!!!!!!! My 5 year old was in awe! Thank you thank you thank you! Top notch Santa!

Andres A. C. S. • - From Gigsalad.Com Review

The most beautiful Christmas

I can’t describe with words how I felt when I saw my son’s eyes when he realized that Santa was actually coming through our back patio and dropping of the presents under tree for him IT WAS PERFECT!!!!! Your Bells,your glowing fingers your glasses your outfit everything little detail it was perfectly beautiful. I felt like a kid again , Saldarriaga’s family wants to thank you one more time for making our Christmas holiday sooo beautiful and special SANTA you are the Best !!!!!!!!! Blessings and merry Christmas !!! hopping to see you soon again for my baby girls in a couple years !! If anyone reads this no dot hesitate to hired him It is totally worth it and will be in the heart of your family for lifetime well that’s the way we feel about it!!!!!! Thank you.

Gudiela Cross - From Gig Review

Excellent Santa!

Sanford Santa was absolutely wonderful. He was very engaging with his original stories. He captured all of the kids’ attention and made our Christmas party so very special. He definitely help create memories for these kids that will last a lifetime. I will definitely invite Sanford Santa back for our annual childrens’ Christmas party. Thanks, Sanford Santa!

Kelly Barnes - Lake Mary, FL

“Santa” John:

You were AMAZING! From the moment you arrived at the door until well after you left, you and your stories brought so much joy to our children, and for that, we are so thankful to you! It’s been a couple of hours since you left and my kids are still talking about how they can’t believe “the real Santa” came to visit them. Thank you so much for giving our kids this special memory.

We will be highly recommending your services to everyone we know, and of course, we will most certainly see you again next year!

Merry Christmas!

Sara Hall - Sanford, FL

We decided to take a different approach this year to see Santa. It was advertised in our local Sanford group that Santa was doing mini sessions. I decided to give it a try since I do have 3 children and waiting in line is just not something I look forward to. We arrived at Santa's house and we were able to have fun and do different poses and go through pictures and decide which ones we wanted to keep. It was a lot better this way in my opinion. The kids were able to socialize with Santa and ask a million questions. They played with his reindeer bells and we're able to have more one-on-one time to share what they would like for Christmas and Santa was able to Mentor them a little. I was able to get my pictures almost immediately and I was able to share them right away. My children definitely have their belief in Santa and that there is only one Santa. I'm very grateful that we were able to have this opportunity this year to share with Santa and for Sanchez to share with my children. Priceless. Thank you Santa and mrs. Claus for all of your accommodations and being outstanding with customer service and attention towards my children. Because after all that's what's important is my children!

We will be returning every year!

Mai Decarli - From Review

Santa was a Hit!
Santa was awesome! The kids loved him and so did our employees!

Brandy Cannon - From Review

The Real Deal
We had a spectacular Christmas party with family and friends and it wouldn't have been the same without a visit from Santa! He was gentle and thoughtful and made our holiday extra special. I would highly recommend inviting Sanford Santa to your next holiday event. He was truly wonderful!

Christopher Bailey - Winter Park, FL

Took our Baby boy to see Santa for the first time today, He was so excited while we were driving to Santas Workshop to meet him. As we pull up to the workshop he sees the sleigh and reindeer with gifts outside and naturally ran to them wanting to open them. Finally made it to the door and Miss Claus answered asking if Chayton was excited to see Santa. Without missing a beat he said, "Yes, OHHHH Santa" (He was across the house but just in view of Chayton.) Ran past miss Claus and straight up to Santa to tell him he has been good. He was nothing but smiles and Such a Camera junkie. Miss Claus couldn't stop laughing as he would stay facing the camera to get his smiles and looks in.

Jami Owens Mollica

Santa was awesome! He was patient with the kids, gave each one undivided attention, he is professional, he put a smile on my very scared daughter's face and he was even able to convince my very scared son (runs away crying) to let him know what he wanted for Christmas! I am so glad all the kids from today's festivities are on your nice list this year!

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